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Why Traders cap

We are pioneer in forex investment opportunities and provide the highest standards of managed Forex account trading. You invest alongside highly experienced pro traders who trade the FX markets for a living and trade with REAL money.


We have a group of highly professional traders with years of experience who live by markets. We work round of o clock to develop successful strategies.

Verified History

We are always committed to our investors. We never provide fake or manipulated trading result to impress you. Our trading history is third party verified.


Our trading system is fully safe. We trade in your chosen broker. You will share only mt4 details to run on your behalf. We never have any access to your fund.


We are always transparent to our clients. We provide real time and transparent reporting combined with 3rd party audit and verification software. We realize that trust is built through transparency!


Our trading activities are always accessible. You can watch our trades from anywhere. Our trades are provided with proven strategy combined with cutting edge technology.

No Experience Required

With Traders Cap Managed account, you do not need to have any experience in forex trading. All trading activities are carefully handled by our professional team of experts.

Risk Management

Limiting risk ensures that you'll be able to stay in the game and continue trading-even when things don't go as planned. Our strategies are developed considering risk management rule.

Smart Passive Income

With our proven strategy, we can consistently grow your equity (50 to 150) % a calendar year. Grow your wealth and plan your better future with smart passive income.

About Traderscap

Traders Cap a leading asset management, forex managed account service provider with a team of highly professional traders, financial consultants with years of experience in the respective fields.

We are always honest and transparent to our investors with proven track records. We never provide fake, cheap trading matrix to impress you, all we provide are real time proven and third party verified.

We can consistently provide high return in our service with unparalleled features for our investors utilizing the latest technological innovations and trading skill. We provide our trades with tested strategies to gain safe and comfortable profit. You can watch and learn our trades while you earn. Being professional, we open trades when there is an opportunity to grab. We believe a perfect trade setup always means a high probable, low risk trade entry combined with a suitable exit strategy.

About Traderscap

How it works

— Join with us with 5 Simple Steps

Choose Investment Plan

The first step is to decide how much equity you are going to invest to make smart passive income keeping your fund fully secured.

We have 3 different packages depending on the amount of investment. The minimum investment for managed account is 20K USD and maximum can be unlimited. Profit split and performance fee depends on investment amount.

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Step Two

Open trading Trading Account

When you decide to make profit from forex trading, open live trading account with one of the reputed brokers.

If you already have a live trading account, just send us your mt4 details. We only work with reputed and regulated brokers.

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Step Two

Fund Your Account

When your live account completed and verified with your preferred broker, or from our reputed broker list, you may deposit your desired amount of fund.

When your account funding completed, you may send your details and go with us. We always trade with proven method to ensure highest level of profit.

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Step Two
Step Two

Provide us with Trading Privileges /Appoint us to trade for you

When your live account is completed, provide us your mt4 details (broker name, MT4 ID, server, password) to run trade on your behalf.

have any access to your fund like withdraw, deposit, transfer or any activity. With the mt4 details, we can only run trades on your behalf.

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Watch & Enjoy our trading

When our trading team starts trading in your account, you can watch our live trading and profit making from anywhere.

All our trades are provided with proper analysis and research. If any trade goes negative, we always have counter plan to recover or adjust them with profit. As an investor, you may always remain calm and quiet.

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Step Two




$ 20 K /min

  • Account Currency : USD, EURO, GBP, AUD
  • Minimum investment: : 100K USD or equivalent
  • Average Monthly Return : (5 to 25) %
  • Attempted Annual Return : (50 to 150 ) %
  • Performance Fee : 50% of the profit
  • Maximum DD : 40%
  • Performance : Verified
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$ 50 K /min

  • Account Currency : USD, EURO, GBP, AUD
  • Minimum investment : 20K USD or equivalent
  • Average Monthly Return : (5 to 25) %
  • Attempted Annual Return : (50 to 150 ) %
  • Performance Fee : 40 % from the profit
  • Maximum DD : 30%
  • Performance : Verified
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$ 100 K /min

  • Account Currency : USD, EURO, GBP, AUD
  • Minimum investment: 20K USD or equivalent
  • Average Monthly Return: (5 to 25) %
  • Attempted Annual Return :( 50 to 150) %
  • Performance Fee : 50% from profits
  • Maximum DD : 30 %
  • Performance: Verified
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