What is the minimum account size you manage?

The minimum account size is 20K+USD. Depending on account size profit split may vary.

Do you need any upfront payment?

No, you do not need to make any payment in advance. You will make payment out of the profit will make in your account.

What is your performance fee?

Our performance fee depends on your equity. You will make payment on the following split basis. 20K equity 50/50 profit split 50k+ Equity 55/45 profit split basis 100K+ Equity 60/40 profit split basis. If you have more than 100+ USD, You may send mail for custom quotes.

Is my investment fully secure?

Your investment is fully secured. In our managed account, you can choose brokers of your own. If you want our suggestion, we may help you in choosing reputed brokers.

Do you provide suggestions for choosing brokers?

We work with any broker. But for your fund security, we may suggest some top rated brokers Visit our trusted broker page or contact us using our contact us form

Can I cancel my service at any time?

Yes, our managed account service is non-conditional. You may cancel it at any time. Just send a mail that you want cancel or postponed the service.

Do you accept clients over the world?

Yes, we accept both US and non-US clients. We trade both FIFO applicable and non-FIFO applicable accounts. The profitability of a Non-Fibo account can be higher than FIFO applied account.

Do you have any access to withdraw my money?

Never! We do not have any access to withdraw your money. We just need your mt4 details to open and close the trade on your behalf.

Can I see all my trades in real time?

Sure, you can all your trades all the time. While we trade in your account, we usually suggest you not open or close any trades.

I have already an account with a broker, can you trade with it?

If you already have an account with a broker, just send us a mail referring to the broker name. If they are regulated and reputed, we may trade with that broker.

How do I get started?

To get started you need to open a trading account with a reputed broker. Then send your mt4 details (Broker Name, MT4 ID, Password, Server) to trade on your behalf. If you already have a trading account with any broker, you may send us an email referring to your broker name. If the broker is reputed, our team will approve and you may the following details to us.

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