Forex Managed Account UK for Best Returns

UK is one of the most preferred locations for forex trading. UK traders can earn an average return of 37,800 Pound Sterling each year. Yet, only 4% traders are able to make satisfactory money! Why?

The most common reason for failing in forex is lack of experience. Inexperienced traders are not adept enough to understand the reality of the market and make effective decisions. That's exactly where managed forex accounts come in!

What are Managed Forex Accounts?

Various types of players join the forex market in expectations of earning profits. Managed forex accounts are one of the best options to earn maximum returns if you are willing to take serious risks. Managed forex accounts are handled by professionals who make trading decisions on your behalf.

As a result, you have higher chances of earning returns as your account is managed by an expert.

Why Should You Go for Managed Forex Account UK

Forex is a much different class of investment compared to traditional instruments like equity. You have to be aware of the market conditions, currency rates, regulations, political affairs and more to earn a profit. Inexperienced traders don't know the market and can lose their money by taking wrong decisions.

Brexit can be taken as an apt example. Most traders would know that voting to leave was widely perceived as negative for the Pound and UK economy. The fear came true when the referendum results came out- the Pound dropped to a 31-year low against the USD.

You need to be aware of the market and other developments to invest wisely in forex. And that's exactly what a managed UK forex account allows you!

Who Should Go for UK Managed Forex Accounts

A managed forex account is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy passive income without being involved. You can join a managed forex account if you-

  • Are a new investor
  • Lack experience and knowledge of the market
  • Don't have time to manage your investments
  • Want to tackle risks in the most efficient manner
  • Want to enjoy expert assistance on trading decisions

Advantages of Forex Managed Accounts

Managed forex accounts are more likely to generate higher returns as the trading is handled by experienced professionals. At Traders Cap, we aim to get you an average of 5% to 25% monthly return. In a year, we strive to achieve 50% to 150% return on your investment.

Here are some other benefits of opening forex managed account in UK-

Professional Assistance

You will always have an expert professional by your side to handle your investments. This obviously increases your chances of making the right decisions for higher returns.

Risk Management

Our expert traders have quite a few risk management measures under their belt to lower your risks. Forex trading is always risky and having the proper guidance reduces chances of failures.

Higher Returns

The goal of our managed forex accounts is to help you earn the highest profits. Having an experienced professional by your side increases the likelihood of earning more returns through the right trading decisions.

Flexible Returns

You don't have to lose heart if one trade goes bad! Managed forex accounts can always bounce back with the help of your professional guide. So you always have the opportunity of making up your losses in the next trade.

High Liquidity

Forex itself has a high liquidity and managed accounts enhance the factor. You can withdraw your funds any time you want without having to conform to a lock-down period.

Technological Analysis

Forex account managers use a host of technology and digital solution to accurately predict the market and drive your investments. Currently, many managers use artificial intelligence (AI) for better prediction and trade execution.

49% traders believe AI helps them make better decisions, while 62% feel it enhances trade execution. 68% traders also take help of AI to generate data analytics for understanding the market better.

Save Your Time

You can let your account manager handle all responsibilities to save your time and effort. So if you are looking for a passive source of income, forex managed accounts are one of the best options.


 Some people think they will lose control if they have someone else manage their accounts. This is completely false as you are always in total control of your account. You will always be kept in the loop by your manager and can give him directions whenever you need.

We will only have trade only permission in respect to your account.

 How to Apply for Forex Managed Account UK

You have the option of going for two types of managed forex accounts-

Individual accounts: You will have a professional manage your forex account individually. It's just like investing in equity by individual investors.

Pooled funds: Your funds will be pooled together with other investors in mutual funds. The investments are managed based on risk tolerance. You can go for a higher risk/reward ratio account if you want to earn higher returns.

After you decide which account to join, follow the below steps to open your managed forex UK account-

Step 1: Open Your Account

New members can open their account by visiting the Traders Cap site. If you already have opened an account, get in touch with us to know how to go about.

Else, register for your account.

Step 2: Add in Funds

Fund your account with your chosen capital to begin trading.

Step 3: Allow Us Trade Only Access

Make sure to give all permission so that we can handle your account.

Step 4: Begin Trading

Now it's time for us to help you make the right decisions for greater returns.


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Final Thoughts

If you want to invest in UK forex market, it's best to go for a managed forex account. You can expect a higher return and lower your risks based on the capability of your manager. So always go for a reputed broker who knows the market and can make the right decisions on your behalf. Check out the track record of brokers before you sign up for a managed forex account.

Additionally, If you are living in the USA, looking for a professionally managed account service, you may check our content on  Forex Managed Account in the  US with Good Results.


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